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Commercial Applicaton Gravel Doctor

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression – especially with new customers rolling along the poorly maintained access or parking lot of your commercial operation. Let The Gravel Doctor® cure what ails your unsightly unpaved or gravel surface with a complete surface restoration.

The Gravel Doctor® is a revolutionary gravel recycling, leveling and restoration machine that can quickly transform the appearance of the unpaved or gravel surfaces surrounding your commercial property. With little or no interruption to your commercial activity, The Gravel Doctor® removes and recycles existing gravel, instantly compacting it into a rut resistant surface. Potholes, ruts, weeds and grass are immediately removed and replaced by a smooth aesthetically pleasing surface that maintains the existing grade. The Gravel Doctor® can landscape, reshape and completely renovate most un-paved surfaces – it’s fast, highly maneuverable and exemplifies the best in green technology.

When compared to conventional heavy machinery The Gravel Doctor’s® design achieves equal or superior results, in less time, while preserving the original landscape. The Gravel Doctor® fills an untapped niche in gravel road and gravel surface restoration, providing a needed consumer and commercial service that’s non-polluting and economical.

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